SW Tumblr Blog Display

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1.Install the extension from “Extension Manager

Click on the button “Choose File” – browse the module and then click Upload & Install.

2.Next go to Module Manager. You will see a module available on list named “SW Tumblr Blog Display”. Click on it for edit or you can click “New” Button to create a new Module.

3.Module Configuration


Title: You can give your suitable title name here.

Show Title Option: Yes or No

Status: Choose to Published

Position: Check your template position and select your preferable Module Position.

4.Now you have to configure the module



Tumblr Blog URL: Absolute URL of your tumblr blog page.

API Key: To obtain a tumblr api key

http://www.tumblr.com/oauth/apps ->> go here. Register Application - Use oAuth Consumer Key as your API key

Tumblr Blog URL
Put your tumblr blog url here.


Width: Width of the module in pixel.

Post Limit: How many blog post you want to show.

Description Text Limit: Text limit of description

Show Read More : Choose Yes or No

On Advanced Options – You can give the module a class suffix if wish :)

5.That’s it – Now Save & Close – Went to your website and enjoy our super cool Joomla free modules