Responsive Twitter Slider PRO - Documentation

Written by Muhammad Riduan on . Posted in Documentation

1. Install the extension using Joomla "Extension Manager"

2. The backend options are one by one described below:

Load jQuery: This feature is disabled by default. Only in case if your site not load jQuery you can enable this feature.

Twitter Username: Your twitter username.

Panel Background Color: You can pick background color using color picker quickly. Input is Hexadecimal Color Code.

Icon Margin Top: Top Margin from absolute position. Field- Numeric number in pixel

Widget Theme: Two default loaded theme available.

Align Position: Can be positioned on left or right.

Twitter Post Limit: 0 for no post limit. Numeric Number is the input.

Link Color: Pick a color as your preference.

Show Header: Switch Header (Display/ Hide)

Show Footer: Switch Footer (Display/ Hide)

Show Border: Switch Borde r(Display/ Hide)

Show Scrollbar: Switch Scrollbar (Display/ Hide)