Complete Twitter Solution - Documentation

Written by Muhammad Riduan on . Posted in Documentation

Options Panel:


1. Module Suffix: CSS Class suffix put here

2. Twitter USERNAME: your twitter username

3. Width: Width of your module in pixel.

4. Twitter Configuration Keys:

Four Twitter Configuration keys you have to create: how to - pls follow:::

 a. go here -

b. click - "Create new app" button on top right - after the header area

c. Put all information. keep callback url - empty - sign all agreements then click on "Create New Application" button on bottom.

d. Now you'll get - "Consumer Key & Secret"

Still have to find Access token & Access token secret.

e. on next page - Click on button to create access tokens. that will give your access tokens.

5. Show Faces: You can hide followers by selecting "No"

6. Show Feeds: You can hide twitter feeds by selecting "No"

7. Rest of options are simple customization - Keep playing!!